EMF Radiation is More Harmful Than You Think

In the past, consuming a balanced diet, daily exercise, 6 to 8 hours of sleep and loading up on fruits and vegetables guaranteed a strong and healthy life. But, reality bites! Today, with the inevitable progression of technology, busy lifestyles, and genetically modified and fast food options, people tend to become unhealthy faster.

In the modern and fast-paced world, cellphones, computers, the Internet, household appliances and other home and office tools are almost impossible to live without. They are considered part of our everyday life because these can significantly alleviate daily chores, work, and ways to connect with people, and more. Whilst these devices and appliances can help lighten everyday burdens, they can also be one of the sources of gradual deterioration of health, especially in the case of children.

An electric magnetic field (EMF), or commonly known as radiation, is a type of invisible energy that is associated with the use of many electrical man-made gadgets, tools, appliances, and even WiFi signals. There are various studies that affirm that this radiation can cause serious harm to people, and excessive exposure to EMF radiation can lead to eye and brain damage or even cancer. Unfortunately, radiation is everywhere and the only way to prevent further damage to your family is through EMF protection.

The key to averting harm caused by EMF radiation is through proper discipline. Here some of the ways how you and your family can deal with potentially dangerous electromagnetic field radiation.

  1. Use your mobile phones, gadgets, television, and computer only if necessary and disconnect your WiFi connection if not in use. With new games and the use of social media, most people use their mobile phones for almost 24 hours a day. Also, try not to focus your eyes on your computer monitor for too long; give yourself a break from work. In addition to this, use speakerphones instead of Bluetooth when receiving a call.
  2. Make sure that you limit gadget and television use for children. Children are very delicate and they can get addicted to gadget games and television shows which can promote EMF damage. This can greatly affect their health and even performance in school and socialising with friends.
  3. Look for EMF protection products that suit you. Because of the alarming harm of EMF radiation, brilliant minds have come up with products that can provide excellent EMF protection. These come in interesting forms such as jewellery, furniture, pendants and more.
  4. Exert effort to reduce EMF emissions especially during bedtime. Turn off all devices and unplug any electronics at night. This will not only make you and your family have a sound sleep but also prevent radiation as well.

While it is true that keeping up with technology and advancement can help, and technology can be fun and entertaining, engaging yourself in this 24/7 can have a detrimental effect on your health. Proper management, however, can greatly help.

Image courtesy of blackzheep at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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