Electromagnetic Waves & Your Health

In the course of our life and work, we are constantly within the range of the Earth’s electromagnetic fields. This is called background and is perceived as the norm, not capable of causing harm to human health. Natural electromagnetic spectrum covers certain wavelengths, harmless to humans. In the case with electromagnetic fields from power lines and strong radio transmitters, the acceptable level is exceeded by several times. Is it dangerous to humans?


Which Electromagnetic Waves Are Most Dangerous?

The most dangerous to humans are weak sources of electromagnetic radiation that are in force for a long period of time. Such sources may include audio-video equipment, household appliances. It is believed that microwave ovens, mobile phones, televisions, and computers make a very significant impact on the human.

What Is Unhealthy about Computers?

  • Experts point to several factors that can cause harm to human body:
  • the computer has two sources of radiation (system unit and monitor);
  • the user does not have the opportunity to work at a distance;
  • long time exposure.
  • Secondary factors of harm include:
  • working in unventilated confined spaces;
  • several computers concentrated in one place.

A stronger source of electromagnetic radiation is the monitor, especially its rear and side walls. This is because it has no special protective coating as the front of the screen.

The Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Heath

Increased electromagnetic background can greatly influence human health. After a prolonged work at the computer, a person experiences a sense of fatigue, extreme irritation, reluctance to answer questions, and a desire to lie down.

Do Electromagnetic Waves Affect Kids’ Health

Using gaming consoles, play stations connected to the TV can have serious consequences. TV sets acquire a more powerful field. The children do not sit far from the screen due to the short wire, furniture arrangement or because the picture at a distance looks very small.

How to Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Waves?

You can protect yourself from electromagnetic waves by:

  • regular walks in the fresh air;
  • sports;
  • room ventilation;
  • following basic safety rules.

And most importantly, try to work with good appliances, which meet sanitary and safety standards.