Eating Before Sleep: How to Remedy the Consequences


Everyone knows that eating before sleep is very, very bad. Many of you know why it is bad. Only a few, however, manage to avoid it. And almost no one knows that the consequences of such transgression can be amended quickly – they can literally be removed in less than 24 hours.

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Overeating Before Going to Bed

You may call it lack of organization or whatever, but the fact remains: frequently after the morning coffee with curds or a sandwich, and then after the daily chocolate bar or even the sandwich, the first and the last substantial and relatively complete meal is dinner. Moreover, at a time when it is already somewhat indecent to eat! Even if on the way home you give yourself a vow not to approach the refrigerator, the appetite is unbelievable, and you can hardly be selective. The result is in overeating. We first feel the consequences as an uncomfortably full stomach, then we shall see them on the scales, and afterwards we shall torture our psyche with self-abasement. What can you do with it? As of any situation that seems hopeless, there are three ways out.

Don’t Eat until the Next Lunch

Some doctors advise not to eat during the next 14-15 hours, i.e. before the normal lunch time the next day. These hours are enough to “dissolve” the consequences of the received excessive food. At the same time, breakfast which is rightly considered the main meal of the day by so many people cannot be skipped by any means. But this meal should really be very easy and “classic”: 100 grams of cottage cheese or a plate of oatmeal, etc.

Detox Day

Make the next day a detox day which means, for instance, eating either 800 g of low fat cottage cheese throughout the day or 1.5 kg of apples, or 2 kg of vegetables without salt, or 2 liters of yogurt. Those, who are especially interested in trying, can even spend a banana day and eat over 1 kg of them. However, it is important to restrain from extremism and not to starve since complete hunger can reprogram the body to accumulate fat in a matter of a day, and then the weight will start to be gained even after eating relatively harmless products.

Physical Exersices: Walking

One of the secrets of health, well-known around the world, is effective but not exercised – 10000 steps a day (5 km). If the walking norm is doubled the day after eating before bed, which is not as scary as it may seem at first glance, the consequences will disappear completely. Instead, they will manifest themselves in muscular joy and responsible attitude to oneself.

Eating Which Foods Before Sleep Is Harmful?

Another important thing to remember is that late dinner is not the one after 6 p.m., but the one that is less than two hours before bedtime. The best sleep usually begins before midnight.

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