Discovery: One More Insomnia Causing Factor

Eating WomanPeople experience insomnia at least once in their life; you toss and turn for the whole night, nothing helps fall asleep: not meditation, not a glass of warm milk before bed, not even breathing exercises. Brazilian medics discovered another reason behind insomnia. The factor lies in our daily food ration. The greasier food you eat – the fewer chances you have to sleep well at night.

As it turns out, fat-rich food disturbs breathing and leads to shorter than normal REM (fast) sleep. This sleep phase is known as the body-restoring period. Food pleasures bring you a night filled with tossing and turning, and waking up every now and then. Late-night meals are the troublemakers in the first place; breakfast and lunch do not affect sleep. Hence, the well-known rule “No food past 6 pm” is a great strategy not only for the dieting people, but for anyone who wishes to have a good sleep in general.