Ill WomanMost women fall ill with cystitis at least once per lifespan. The symptoms of the disease are: painful urination, gripping intestinal pain, sometimes even blood in urine. As a rule, at the end of urination the sufferer has a feeling of a burning pain. Among the most popular means for the urinary bladder inflammations are bacteria and a regular overcooling in damp weather.

What Causes Cystitis?

The most common causative agent of cystitis is colon bacillus; but lately women, as well as men, develop the disease because of the sexually transmitted infections – chlamydia, mycoplasma, trichomonad etc.

Doctors to Cure Cystitis

Women suffer from cystitis more often than men because female urethra is wider and shorter. The disease requires a complex diagnostic examination by a gynecologist, a dermatovenerologist and an endocrinologist.

Menopausal women can develop cystitis because of the lower levels of oestrogen, this is why they should also consult gynecologist-endocrinologist.

How to Ease the Pain during Acute Cystitis

The more you drink at the time of progress of cystitis, the more you urinate and the less painful is the urination process. During urination a part of bacteria that causes the disease is removed from the body. It is the best to drink natural cranberry juice, and the more is the better. Drinking natural cranberry juice heightens the acidity of the urine and thus lowers the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria.

It is believed that cranberry juice changes the structure of the urine so much that the bacteria cannot survive in it.

Some components of the juice prevent the sticking of the bacteria to the walls of the urine bladder. Decoctions of horsetail and camomile with corn mint are also very helpful at the time of acute cystitis.

Diet during Cystitis Treatment

It is better to give up mineral water, coffee and black tea during cystitis. It is also suggested to avoid salted, spicy and greasy food as well as sweets during the course of treatment of cystitis. It is desirable to hold to this kind of diet for another week after the recovery.

How to Prevent Cystitis

As a preventive measure for cystitis drink 1-2 table spoons of cranberry juice every day and try to avoid the above listed unhealthy foods. Also try not to get overcooled.

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