Diet for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Doctors insist on the notion that the health of hair depends on the blood circulation and on the diet. Also it depends on the wellbeing of thyroid, liver and the level of stress. It does not matter if you already suffer from hair loss or just want to prevent it, these tips from the professionals will come handy anyway.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for the Hair Health

You should control all ingredients in your food. Most eatables do not have enough vitamins, minerals and nutrients. For instance, by consuming organic food you significantly improve the health of your hair. Fresh fruits and vegetables are especially healthy as they improve the condition of your hair and your skin very quickly.

Sulphur for Beautiful Hair

Foods which are rich in sulphur and silicon, such as onion, garlic, green leaved vegetables and eggs, are also very healthy. Sulphur, which is often called “the mineral of beauty” and is found in high concentration in hair, skin and nails, highly improves circulation and lowers any inflammatory processes. There is a theory that an adequate amount of sulphur can lead to hair growth in people who suffer from baldness or hair loss. Foods rich in iodine and calcium, such as marine algae, also assist in hair growth and in the increasing of the density of the hair.

General Healthy Hair Diet

Less coffee, sweets and salt is also very helpful in making your hair healthy and beautiful. Instead of coffee or sparkling water drink mineral water as human body consists of 60-80 percent of water. Lack of water in the body can lead to degradation of cells and as a result the health and beauty of hair becomes worse.

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