The Condition Curator – Choosing the Right Supplements to Suit Your Lifestyle

Choosing the right supplements to take can be confusing. There are so many out there to choose from, all claiming to be miracle products that can cure every illness under the sun. So, what supplement should you take to help with any health problems you may have, or to help your body stay healthy and to fight off any illness or disease? That’s what we’re here to discuss.

Wanting a general boost

If you just want an all-round supplement to help with day to day issues like energy levels, or to give you all the nutrients that you need and might not get fully from your diet, then you should take a multivitamin made for daily use. It should have an array of vitamins and minerals in and should contain as much natural goodness as possible.

You can get specific supplements made to cater for many factors.

For example, vitamins made for men contain different ingredients than in ones made for women. Then there are different vitamins made for different ages and ones for specific times in a person’s life – including pregnancy and menopause. When looking of a multivitamin it’s best to get a vitamin that is made directly for the situation that you’re in to get the best chance of reaping the full benefits of that specific mix.


Joint health is one of the most important factors when it comes to mobility and overall health so osteoarthritis is definitely something you may try to ease by taking the right supplement.

When you have osteoarthritis, your joints can become extremely sore and painful, and often inflamed. Because of this you shouldn’t try and fully replace your prescribed painkillers with a supplement alone. Supplements are there to help ease the condition but they sadly can’t reverse it.

The best supplement you can take to help treat osteoarthritis is Glucosamine Sulfate, as it helps to repair the damaged cartilage at the joint. This supplement is sourced from shellfish. Another great way to help your joints is to eat lots of oily fish, as studies suggest the essential fatty acids these aquatic treasure troves offer can maintain bone density.


When you have osteoporosis your bones become brittle and weak, causing them to break and fracture from the smallest of impact. The best supplement that you can take in this case is a top natural calcium supplement. The calcium gets straight to work, helping to treat the osteoporosis and has been scientifically proven to strengthen bones.

Although it cannot fully heal osteoporosis, it can dramatically help the strength of the bones meaning you can worry less and live life a little more carefree. It has also been said that vitamin D help with osteoporosis – don’t forget to make sure it is a natural supplement for the best results.

Pregnancy Supplements

Taking a pregnancy supplement is the best way to ensure that your baby is getting all the right nutrients and vitamins to help them grow. Paired with a healthy diet, you will be helping your baby thrive; giving your body the chance to feel good in the process. They can help by boosting your energy when you might be running low.

Prenatal supplements contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals to help you and your baby, but for a more thorough breakdown:

  • Folic Acid help to prevent birth defects
  • Calcium Promotes growth and supports bone density
  • Iodine helps your thyroid function
  • Iron helps the blood carry oxygen efficiently around the body, these are the most important.

There are so many different supplements you can find, so chances are that whatever your condition, there will be one out there to suit you. However, it’s essential to make sure that before you take any supplements, you consult with your doctor first.

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