Innovation Box Stinkboss Rids Shoes of Odor

If each of us compiled a list of the most disgusting smells in the world, the subtle smell of sneakers after a long workout or a day on the run would probably come in the top ten. At the very least. Sadly enough, dealing with this minor, but the very annoying problem is not so simple. Still, there is a solution. For example, this cool container for storing shoes. It cleans, refreshes and eliminates any unpleasant odors!

Everyone sweats. Even princesses do. However, in most cases, it is the bad smell coming from socks and shoes that causes most inconvenience to the one who smells and the surrounding people. Athletes are in the “high-risk” group. Everyone who at least once took off their shoes after a long workout and held their breath will understand what this means. An American invention called Stinkboss is aimed at helping them and the mankind in general (at least the nearest people). This is probably the most original container for shoes you have ever seen.

Stinkboss not only helps to store your shoes with an economy of space. It washes and deodorizes the footwear without soap and water. It functions according to the principle of combining moderate temperature (21 degrees Celsius) and ozone. Warm temperatures dry excess sweat and moisture, and ozone works as a powerful natural deodorant, killing the bacteria that cause the smell. A professional airing of its own kind.

Just load the footwear in the container, press the button and forget about it for an hour. By the way, Stinkboss can help you conduct complete disinfection and deodorization of not only a pair of sneakers or shoes but any athletic gear and even a bike helmet.

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