Compression Garments Useless for Varicose Veins


Recommendations for the people, suffering from varicose veins, always provide tips for wearing compression stockings or tights. It is believed that the use of such garments helps to fight the unpleasant symptoms of the disease. British experts claim that the compression garment is just a marketing trick to help empty the pockets of the patients – they bring no benefit.


Varicose veins affect 40% of the women, for whom pregnancy is a serious factor of venous insufficiency. The physiological changes that occur in the body of pregnant women – extra weight, racing hormonal levels, increased blood volume, increasing pressure on the veins of the pelvis – provoke the appearance of varicose veins, while men do not suffer from them. However, approximately 25% of men do not know what varicose veins look like.

Compression stockings or tights are advised to such patients, as they have to improve the flow of blood to the heart. However, doctors criticize this idea and say that stockings and tights do not help most people fight with varicose. According to the doctors, compression garments eliminate the pain, but it comes back as soon as the person takes the garments off for a while.

The main danger of wearing stockings is that people do not get real treatment. The lack of professional treatment of varicose results in ulcers and the increased risk of thrombosis.