Coffee and Sex Lead to Stroke

The scientists warn that drinking coffee, making love, anger, or even blowing your nose can greatly increase the chances of a stroke.

Woman drinking coffee

The seemingly innocuous everyday needs such as going to the toilet, drinking cola or jumping can be a surprising cause of a sharp rise in blood pressure. This can lead to subarachnoid hemorrhage, the fatal factor for more than a half of the women who have once suffered from serious diseases of the cardiovascular system.

According to the statistics, about 8000 British people face the risk of subarachnoid hemorrhage every year, and this phenomenon is most common among middle-aged people, especially the fair sex. The study conducted by Dutch scientists identified eight daily occupations and functions of the body that can suddenly increase the blood pressure and cause the risk of this type of stroke. The statistics is disappointing: 10-15% of victims die before reaching hospital, and 50% – within a month.

The experts from the University Medical Center in Utrecht, the Netherlands, have conducted a survey of 250 patients who have suffered from this type of stroke. The questions regarded the use of coffee and cola, as well as the details of their drinking – when and in what quantity. The scientists were able to assess the type of activity that increases the risk of stroke. For instance, the famous actress Sharon Stone suffered from a similar stroke in 2001, but she quickly recovered thanks to the doctors’ quick response which had stopped the dangerous bleeding.

Source of the image: Photl.

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