Coffee as a Painkiller

The doctors have been arguing about the dangers and health benefits of coffee for years. Another argument in favor of those who cannot live without coffee is provided by the specialists from the University of Oslo. According to them, a morning dose of caffeine can act as a painkiller.


The doctors conducted an experiment, which involved 48 office workers. They were given the task: the volunteers had to be engaged in their routine duties for one and a half hours, sitting at the computer. They were not allowed to stand up. Periodically, the doctor asked the participants of the experiment about the presence of a static pain: the pain that occurs when the body has long been in the same position (e.g., during computer work).

40% of the participants previously drank a cup of coffee, and 60% managed without it. The second group of the volunteers felt very uncomfortable, especially in the back. The first group had no particular complains about the static tension – even if there was some discomfort, it was bearable. Thus, the doctors proved that caffeine could act as a painkiller when the body suffered from muscle tension.

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