Is Coca Cola Poisonous?

Dyes based on caramel which are used in the production of Coca-Cola and Pepsi beverages can trigger cancer. It was stated by the U.S. fighters for a healthy lifestyle, as the British newspaper The Daily Mail informs. According to the activists, the statement of the manufacturer that “Cola” has the color of caramel is a lie. This is a dark-brown alloy of carcinogens which is completely artificial.

Coca Cola

It is only in commercials the Coca-Cola ingredients are entirely natural: caffeine, vanilla, cinnamon, and coriander. In fact, according to the activists for healthy food, if there is anything natural there, it is totally spoilt by the “caramel” dye, as manufacturers prefer to call it. However, it shares nothing but the name with the real caramel. According to the British newspaper The Daily Mail, it is not the sweet thing you can get at home while melting sugar. Caramel for “Cola” is produced as a result of a complex chemical reaction between sugar, ammonia, and sulfites under high pressure and temperature. As a result of this reaction, the dye contains new substances which are harmful for the human being.

According to the group of activists for healthy eating which is based in Washington, the scientists in U.S. laboratories have discovered that these substances cause lung and liver cancer, thyroid cancer and leukemia. In this case, a significant quantity of the dangerous mixture of substances has been found in five different products of the Coca-Cola brand. The representatives of the company do not respond to the accusations; they are silent and reluctant to say why they reject using another dye in “Cola” which does not require the adding of ammonia when boiled. The experts explain that most American manufacturers use four types of artificial caramel. While cooking the first two, ammonia is used. Prominent American oncologists insist on banning such caramel as a Cola, beer, and soy sauce ingredient.

Source of the image: Photl.