Cat’s Eyes Makeup a la Cara Delevingne Harms Eye Health

Tens of thousands of women are at risk of causing serious damage to their eyesight, trying to imitate the makeup in Cara Delevingne’s style. Trying to have “cat’s eyes” is fraught with serious discomfort and even eye infections.


Fashion makeup in Cara Delevingne’s style or Kylie Jenner’s style which presupposes using a large amount of eyeliner may cause serious complications, infections, and vision problems. This is what the researchers from the University of Waterloo in Canada claim. In this type of makeup, women apply cosmetics not only on the outside, but on the inside surface of eyelashes as well; according to scientists, tiny particles of the eyeliner quickly fall into the eyes.

This is especially dangerous for those who wear contact lenses because the eyeliner particles get stuck to the surface of the lens rather than washed out with the help of tears, which are a natural way of eye protection. Ophthalmologist Dr. Allison Angelilli, who is the author of the study, found that the women using eyeliner on the inner surface of the eyelashes are by 15-30% more likely to face the risk of infections, blurred vision, and eye irritation.

Particles of makeup migrate rapidly from the inner surface of eyelashes onto a thin film that protects the eye. This all occurs within 5 minutes after using makeup. In general, women are already at risk of introducing some particles of cosmetics in the eyes, especially if they use makeup in a hurry – for example, on their way to work.

However, in an attempt to replicate the “cat’s eyes” effect, which requires a large amount of eyeliner, migration of makeup particles in the eyes occurs much faster. In most instances, these particles are washed out of the eye within two hours, but they may adhere to contact lenses, causing considerable discomfort. This problem is even more evident in people with sensitive or dry eyes.