Broken Capillaries Treatment

Broken Facial CapillariesEnlarged blood vessels (broken capillaries and spider veins) redden the face as if a woman spent the whole day by a blast furnace. Weak blood vessel walls are usually inherited; as we grow older, the capillaries become increasingly noticeable. As blood vessel walls are not able to contract, blood flushes into the face making it “glow”. Commonly, congested capillaries can be seen on the wings of the nose, cheeks and chin as well as on a thin allergic skin.

Don’ts for Broken Capillaries

If you suffer from broken capillaries and spider veins avoid:

  • taking a sauna bath;
  • visiting a tanning salon;
  • applying hot compresses and warming facial masks;
  • hot spicy food, coffee and alcohol which cause blood to rush to the face.

Diet for Broken Capillaries Treatment

It is recommended to eat foods rich in vitamin C (citrus fruit, sauerkraut, and sweet pepper), vitamin PP (green tea, cherry, black currant) and vitamin K (spinach, cauliflower and Brussels sprout).

Recommendations for Broken Capillaries Treatment

Alternating therapy would also strengthen the capillaries, for example, washing the face with iced water (you can use mineral water as well) and hot compresses. When training your blood vessels, make sure the hot therapy lasts half as much time as the cold. Keep your cosmetics items – lotions and creams – in a fridge for some time. Make a facial massage lasting a few minutes on a daily basis.

Laser Treatment for Broken Facial Capillaries

If your facial capillaries show even through a layer of cosmetics powder, consult beauty experts. They would offer an effective and painless laser treatment for broken capillaries. Ozone injections and toning cryomassage might also be helpful.

Beauty Products for Broken Capillaries Treatment

Ask for special beauty products against broken capillaries in a drugstore. Their active formula removes redness, keeps from irritation and strengthens blood vessel walls.