Best and Worst Sleeping Positions

The position on the back is ideal for night sleep. This position helps prevent the appearance of pain in the neck and back, reduce acid reflux, and make the wrinkles less vivid.

Sleeping position

However, the people who are strongly affected by snoring and sleep apnea, may not accept this position. And for people with pain in the neck it would be good to use a roller or a pillow to prevent any discomfort.

The next most comfortable position is the one on the side, as the experts say. This position helps with back pain (the doctors advise to put a cushion under your knees to relieve the waist), and prevents snoring at the same time. Pregnant women are advised to sleep on their left side. In this position, the blood normally circulates to the fetus. However, in this case the shoulders and the neck are strained more.

The position on a side contributes to the appearance of wrinkles on the part of the face which touches a pillow.

According to the doctors, the most harmful position is on the abdomen. In addition to wrinkles, it is easy to get neck and back injury because the spine is not straightened, and the back and joints are not resting.

Source of the image: Photl.