The Best Health & Fitness Retreats In Europe

Heading to a health and fitness retreat may not seem like everyone’s ideal holiday, but there are a huge number of benefits when it comes to heading to one of these. In fact, a number of people will end up finishing off their well-deserved holiday elsewhere actually feeling a little bit burnt out, unhealthy and maybe even lethargic. Heading on holiday doesn’t have to make you feel like that. There are a number of health and fitness retreats located in Europe’s best cities that offer the cultural enjoyment and sunshine that you want from a holiday, without the bloated feeling many tourists get when heading back from holiday. Here, we’re taking a look at some of the best health and fitness retreats, or wellness centres, located in Europe.

Oceano, Tenerife

Oceano offer an intensive detox programme that aims to ensure visitors leave the retreat in a state of relaxation and balance. The entire programme is based around the concept of having a good, healthy intestine, so retreat focusses on light food and plenty of treatments to help boost the metabolism. This wellness centre in Tenerife is also blessed with year-round sunshine offering plenty of reasons as to why you should visit. With rooms available from just £137, it’s the ideal location in Europe for someone looking for a sunny fitness retreat in Europe.

Amchara Malta Retreat, Malta

This retreat combines good food and nutrition plans with spa facilities, meditation, exercise, education talks and much more, all combined in one package. The concept behind the retreat is that it is ideal for anybody who is looking to change their physical health, lifestyle and emotional well-being. The Azure Window is located just 15 minutes away so patients can enjoy a package complete with stunning locations. The retreat is available from just £142 a night.

Wildfitness Food+Fit Retreat, Crete

While this retreat is only available between June and July, it’s definitely one for you to consider and keep your eye on for next year. This is a brand-new retreat which lasts over a 10=-day period and features a huge number of wild outdoor movement, including climbing and running. In addition to this, there are plenty of food workshops, allowing you to see where the food is grown, the different ways that you can cook it, and also how the food that we eat impacts our bodies. Based in Milia set within White Mountains National Park, you are certain to be inspired to live healthily and enjoy the outdoors much more.

In:Spa Yoga, Fitness & Detox

If you’re looking for a late summer retreat in September, then In:Spa’s south-west France retreat is ideal. There are a number of daily yoga and fitness classes to enjoy, country hikes, cooking classes and salt water pool opportunities to enjoy, all in the commune of Homps, which is just an hour away from bubbly Toulouse. You will be served gourmet food, al-fresco style, and enjoy the comfort of cleansing rooms. With massages, nutrition consultations and more, there’s plenty to enjoy in this yoga, fitness and detox retreat.

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