Avoid These Foods to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

We are taught from childhood that healthy, shiny, long hair is beautiful. Almost every one of us tries to become the owner of chic hair. Following the grandmother’s advice, we rub burdock oil into the hair roots, apply an egg mask onto the scalp and take vitamins for hair growth. But we are not aware that one can accelerate the growth of hair by excluding just a few products from the diet!


So, avoid the following foods, if you want your hair to grow faster.


It’s no secret that sugar is harmful for our body. It not only has a negative impact on the state of our skin, but also inhibits the growth of hair! The fact is that candies and chocolate cakes enhance the release of insulin, which in turn, increases blood levels of male hormones – androgens. They irritate the hair follicles, reducing their number. And when the bulbs are damaged, one cannot hope for quick hair growth.

Vegetable juices

Fashionable diets are based on the use of vegetable juices, which are designed to cleanse your body of harmful toxins, but they actually harm our hair! Following a detox program, remember that the body receives only carbohydrates and does not receive a protein important for hair growth. This leads to increasing the release of insulin in the blood and the increased levels of androgens, which cause thinning and hair loss.

Foods high in starch

The structure of hair is mainly based on protein, so the foods containing a small amount of this beneficial substance do not contribute to hair growth. White bread, pasta and cereals contain large amounts of starch and very little protein in their composition. In short, hair does not grow, and your figure is affected too…

Foods rich in vitamin A

If you are a big fan of carrots, tomatoes, and even taking vitamin A capsules (for example, on doctor’s advice), you risk facing the problem of dry scalp, which will automatically lead to severe hair loss. The fact is that vitamin A is toxic in large doses and harms the hair follicles.

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