4 Everyday Things That Could Help You Survive in Extreme Situations

This article will tell you about the four plain things everyone has at home or in the shop that will help you survive in an extreme situation.


1. Garbage bags

Not the ones that have a wonderful pale purple color and smell of lavender, but the simplest black garbage bags with the 150-200 liters volume. They are thicker and stronger than the ones we used to buy for the bin. And they cost more. But these are the bags that will help you in an emergency situation and will not take much space in your backpack.

Ways of using:

  • Make a waterproof poncho.
  • Protect the clothing, food and other things from water.
  • Protect the tent from the rain.
  • Build a shelter of these garbage bags.
  • Use a garbage bag as a bucket for water.
  • Collect rainwater or meltwater in these bags.

2. Nylon stockings

Nylon stockings are a very delicate piece of clothing. They are constantly suffering from runs. But if you buy stockings a size bigger and thicker, they will not be damaged so easily. Stockings do not cost much and occupy little space.

Ways of using:

  • As a mask to protect your face from insects.
  • To protect your legs from leeches when crossing a questionable reservoir.
  • Debris filters for water.
  • A fishing net.

Packaging for food or things. It is comfortable to carry something in nylon stockings as if they were a bag. They can hold much weight without being torn.

3. Tampons and pads

It would seem strange and even shameful to severe Vikings to have similar things in an emergency bag, but they are very useful.

Ways of using:

  • Pads can be used for dressing wounds. They take the shape of the body perfectly well.
  • Tampons must be further divided into external and internal parts. The external part, like gauze, can be attached to the neck of a plastic bottle to filter water from debris.
  • The inner part is made of cotton and can be used to light a fire, especially when lubricated with petroleum jelly.
  • Tampons and pads are easy to buy in any supermarket, convenience store, or drugstore. They are cheap and weigh little.

4. Disinfecting hand gel

Do not forget about elementary hygiene. You can have a gun and a lot of kilograms of food and die, having got fever because of some stupid infection. What microorganisms will be found on your hands after you clean the freshly caught fish? Even a small jar of this product can prolong your life for a few weeks.

And yet, such gels are burnt easily, so you can use them to make a fire. Squeeze a bit of gel on paper or a piece of cotton (see the previous item) and burn it. Disinfectant gels are sold in packages that are easy to carry in your bag.

Do you have similar ideas about simple and inexpensive things that will help you survive in an extreme situation?

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