Aviator Sunglasses May Cause Skin Problems

Everyone knows that you need to wear glasses to protect yourself from the negative effects of aggressive ultraviolet in summer. However, only a few specialists know that some models of sunglasses not only fail to protect your eyes from the sun, but can also aggravate its harmful effect.


It turns out that the popular and fashionable Aviator sunglasses can cause much trouble to their owners when they go to the beach. Experts strongly warn against going to the beach in metal-frame glasses.

According to dermatologists, these frames reflect sunrays onto the skin (eg, onto the cheeks or forehead) causing sunburn. As a result, the skin in these areas may develop dark spots. Doctors recommend wearing glasses in a plastic frame, if you enjoy being in hot sun for a long time.

Pink or blue sunglasses that are so popular nowadays are not too reliable in terms of sun protection either. These glasses let UV-rays through, so you can wear them only in cloudy weather. Dermatologists say that glasses, in which we go out in the summer, should be sufficiently darkened. Otherwise, you will have to screw up your eyes constantly, which causes wrinkles.

Experts say the best sunglasses are those labeled with High UV-protection – they really ensure high quality protection from ultraviolet radiation.

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