Augmentation Surgery: Why Small Breast Implants are Popular

When most people think about breast implants, they envision having larger breasts. While it’s certainly possible to enhance the size of your breasts, more and more women are choosing smaller implants.

One of the main reasons why smaller implants have become popular is because women want results that are subtle and look natural. It’s becoming far more common for women to choose B or C cup sizes, particularly if they’re very active.

Another reason why women choose to go this route is that they want to correct asymmetrical breasts or want to perk up their breasts after weight loss or pregnancy.

According to breast augmentation specialist Dr Hunt, smaller breast implants are ideal in all of these scenarios and if you would prefer something more subtle too, this is what you need to know.

The Obvious Benefits of Smaller Implants

While every patient wants to achieve something different with breast augmentation surgery, here are a few of the benefits of choosing a smaller implant size:

  • Reduces trauma to the breast and surrounding tissue
  • Creates a natural result
  • Reduces the risk of nerve damage
  • Produces a very subtle change in appearance
  • Risk of capsular contracture is reduced
  • Shorter, more comfortable recovery

Small Breast Implant Options for Women

If you feel that a mini boob job is the right option for you, there are three main types of implants for you to choose from:


Since saline implants are inserted in a deflated state, the incisions are very small. The fact that your surgeon can inflate the implants after they’ve been inserted ensures greater control during the surgery. Saline implants also make it easier to correct any asymmetry.


While silicone implants are pre-filled, they do produce a result that looks and feels more natural. There are a number of sizes for you to choose from and if you have a lower body fat percentage, there is less chance that you will be able to see or feel the ridge of the implant once it has been inserted.

Gummy Bear

Gummy bear implants are the more modern option and women prefer them because if the implant happens to rupture, the contents will stay in place until it can be replaced. Gummy bear implants also produce a more natural result.

Some surgical clinics also offer natural breast augmentation, which involves transferring excess fat from one area of the body such as the abdomen to the breasts. This option is also ideal for those who only want a very subtle enhancement because an exact size can’t be chosen and only a finite amount of fat can be transferred.

Recovering after Mini Breast Augmentation Surgery

While patients that opted to undergo a mini boob job will have a similar recovery experience to someone who chose larger implants, it should be much shorter. This is mainly because smaller implants don’t require as much stretching and the surrounding tissue isn’t affected as badly. It’s still advisable to take at least a week off work if you want to have a positive and comfortable experience. If you do have a more physically demanding job, additional recovery time will be required. All patients will need to hold off on strenuous exercise for at least six weeks.

Smaller Breast Implants and Safety

Advancements in plastic surgery and changes in breast augmentation techniques have made this a very safe procedure. While every type of surgery carries some degree of risk, smaller implants can be slightly less risky in the following ways:

  • Smaller implants are lighter, which means less potential for sagging over time
  • Larger implants make loss of nipple sensation more likely but this isn’t the case with smaller implants
  • Smaller implants won’t stretch the skin as much, which means there’s less chance of the implant being visible underneath the skin
  • Patients who choose smaller implants can resume their usual exercise routine more easily

Before it can be determined whether smaller breast implants are a good fit for you and your lifestyle, you will need to consult with a board-certified surgeon. A surgeon will need to conduct the necessary physical examinations and determine whether you are choosing to undergo the surgery for the right reasons.

Your consultation is the ideal time to find out more about what you can expect before, during and after the procedure and whether your surgeon is qualified and experienced enough. You will also get the chance to evaluate different types of implants and decide on a size that works for you.

It’s always a good idea to ask to see before and after photos of similar surgeries before you go ahead to ensure this is what you are looking for.

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