April 7 Is the International Health Day

Every year, the initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO) to conduct the World Health Day is supported around the world. This year, it is dedicated to the theme “Aging and Health”, and is held under the motto “Good health adds life to years.”

According to the website of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Consumer Rights and Human Wellbeing, this slogan draws the attention of the citizens to the fact that good health throughout life can help the elderly people lead full and productive lives, support their family and society.

The aging of the population is a major trend, which determines the development of public health in the 21st century. The continuing decline in fertility and the increased life expectancy lead to an increase in the number and relative share of people over 60 years.

Supporting the initiative of the WHO, official bodies act as coordinators of activities undertaken to commemorate the World Health Day. In accordance with this year’s theme suggested by the WHO, the efforts will be focused on improving the health of elderly people, formation of motivation for a healthy lifestyle, regular physical activity, and respect for the principles of good nutrition.

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