Almond to Help Treat Diabetes and Obesity

According to the researchers from Missouri University of Science and Technology, the future weapon against century diseases is the oil obtained from seeds of wild almond trees, which grow mainly in India.


The health potential of this oil is in its ability to influence certain microorganisms living in the gastro-intestinal tract. To confirm this theory, the U.S. researchers conducted an experiment on obese mice. When the oil called «sterculic» (from Sterculia foetida – wild almond) was added to rodents’ diet, their sensitivity to insulin increased, and there was a significant improvement in glucose tolerance. The researchers linked this effect to the impact of oil on the three types of microorganisms that live in mice’s intestines. It is important to note that the oil was added to the diet of ‘slender’ mice as well, with no adverse effects on their health.

The research held earlier showed that the compounds contained in almond oil inhibit the effect of the enzyme SCD1, associated with insulin resistance. This is the condition that can lead to diabetes and obesity.