Addicted to Statins

Nowadays, people’s healthy lifestyle is replaced by pills. Instead of getting all the necessary vitamins and substances from wholesome food, not smoking and doing exercise, we prefer to drink a pill, hoping that synthetics will give us health and longevity.


Professor Sarah Harper, director of the Institute of Ageing at Oxford University, gives an example about Americans and Europeans, who know about the dangers of cholesterol, which can seriously increase the risk of heart attack or stroke, and still buy statins in large quantities. One can speak here of statin addiction. These drugs can reduce the level of cholesterol and serve as means for the prevention of cancer (e.g. breast cancer). Another example is the promotion of aspirin. The doctors have been encouraging people to take it for over 45 years in order to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

During his public lecture on the problems of aging of the population in the world, Professor Harper said that people were trying to live in the world, where chronic diseases would not be prevented beforehand and where would be no promotion of healthy lifestyles. Unfortunately, an increasingly prominent place in our lives would be taken by drug therapy. So we must ask ourselves what we want: to start taking lots of pills at a young age, not being sure what consequences this may bring, or to give up smoking, alcohol and sedentary life style?