7 Home Remedies for Migraine

Migraine is a prevalent affliction among the American women – it emerges that 75% of them, or 3 out of 4 women, are sufferers. It is partly due to the menstrual cycle, but there are many other factors that can bring on an attack, among them stress, unhealthy food, alcohol, lack of sleep, or even changes in the weather. As a rule, you take drugs to relieve the pain, but there are centuries-proven ways that can help alleviate the pain and soften the attacks.

Woman, headache

Here is a choice of 7 most efficacious home treatment methods that you can apply quickly to get relief and cushion the onset of migraine.

1. Caffeine

Caffeine works to restrict the blood vessels in the body, therefore it muffles the painful feelings from the attack (the reason why it is added to some medicines). But you have to be careful with it, because it works up a certain kind of dependence, and if you fall into the habit of taking caffeine regularly, you can get headaches if you missed your daily dose.

2. Massage Your Temples

This may not be a very modern scientific method, but it is a natural reaction to headache with some people, and a good rubbing-down may just take the edge off the attack.

3. Rub in Medicated Oil

Medicated oils using time-venerated natural stuff like peppermint are known as a soothing agent, so you can apply some to the areas which are the most painful. First, as you rub it in, the friction generates a little heat which goes to ease the pain to an extent, and the oils stimulate blood circulation in the areas.

4. Keep the Head Cool and the Body Hot

Arrange for a nice hot dip in the bath and place an ice pack over our forehead. Naturally it takes some arranging and you won’t be able to follow this advice in any place that you were seized with migraine in, but if you are at home with time to spare, it is a good way to try. It makes the blood vessels in your body expand while those in your head get constricted. The blood starts to flow away from your head, and it serves to relieve the painful sensations.

5. Stay in the Dark

Sharp lights, especially if they flash or blind, can cause an attack with those most sensitive to light. If you suffer from exposure to such kind of lighting, remove yourself into a dark place immediately, and you can mitigate the onset even if but slightly.

Create a maximum blackout effect by turning off the lights, drawing the curtains, and putting an eye patch if necessary.

6. Eat Well-Salted Food

If you managed to catch your migraine attack at an early stage, you can alleviate the pain by eating something salty. Get a bag of very salty fries or chips and chomp them down before the attack gets really bad.

7. Use an Ice Pack

While you cannot take a hot bath with an ice pack on your head everywhere you go, there are certainly far more places where you can apply an ice pack easily. You will find ice wraps at most drugstores, or make one by yourself. Get a plastic bag, fill it with ice, and recline the back of your head on it while you rub the areas which give you the most suffering: it will take the worst of the throbbing off.