5 Tips to Look Younger as You Age

Aging is a natural feature of the life cycle. Although we all understand we will become older and have to experience some form of decline, we’re never quite ready for it when it happens.

There are some ways to kick the can a few more years down the road, fortunately.

Five Tips to Look and Feel Younger

Age is an interesting concept. Your chronological age constantly ticks upward with every passing second, but you don’t necessarily have to look older with each passing moment.

By prioritizing how you look, you can start to feel younger as well as look it. Feeling younger, in turn, makes you naturally appear to be even younger.

It’s a positive, self-feeding cycle that gains momentum. All you need to do is jump-start it. Here are some ideas.

Workout Daily

Working out daily is the best thing you can possibly do for your health. No matter how busy you are, you probably can find 30 minutes each day to get in a little cardio.

This might entail walking around the block, running on a treadmill, riding your bike, playing basketball in the driveway, or swimming a few laps at the neighborhood pool. It doesn’t matter what it is; you just need to do it!

A regular fitness routine helps burn calories (and that keeps you thin), improve circulation (which makes your skin look younger), and regulate your mental health and emotions. Don’t skip this!

Address Hair Loss

Hair loss is a surefire sign of aging. As you enter your 30s, 40s, and 50s, you’ll almost certainly be losing hair.

For some, hair loss comes on quickly. For others, it’s a more long and drawn-out process. Whatever is the case for you, you have options to fight back.

One of the best solutions is Kiierr DHT Blocking Hair Growth Vitamins. Just pop a couple of these natural vitamins every day and they actively prevent excess production of DHT (which contributes to hair loss).

Other good methods of defeating hair loss include improved diet and nutrition, better hair care routines, and medication (in particular, minoxidil or finasteride). When possible, avoid surgical procedures and other highly aggressive strategies that could potentially also put your long-term health at risk.

Protect Your Skin

For better or worse, your skin will communicate your age to people. If it’s weathered, wrinkled, and sagging, people will draw obvious conclusions. On the other hand, if your skin is tight, plump, and smooth, people will assume you’re younger than you really are.

One of the best ways to protect your skin is to cleanse and moisturize on a daily basis. Stop using harsh soap and switch to a gentle cleanser that washes without stripping your skin of all its natural oils. Follow up with a natural moisturizing product.

Have More Sex

In his best-selling book, RealAge, Dr. Michael Roizen makes the case for the antiaging effects of sex (based on research). It’s his opinion that having sex at least twice a week can make your “RealAge” 1.6 years younger than if you only had sex once per week. If you have sex every day, you can shave several more “years” off your appearance.

Doctors believe sex is one of the great “fountains of youth.” When you have sex, you’re basically soaking your body in anti-inflammatory molecules like beta-endorphins and oxytocin (which help your body repair itself).

In addition, sexual activity helps you sweat out toxins and achieve skin that physically “glows.” Sex also prevents dry skin, clears acne breakouts, and provides a long list of other benefits.

Wear Clothes That Fit

Most people think the key to looking younger is to dress younger. But that’s not exactly accurate: dressing like a teenager is not the answer.

The better solution is to find clothes that fit you well. Most people think they’re wearing the proper size when they’ve actually become accustomed to buying the same size for too many years.

That means the chances are, your clothes are either too tight (which makes you look overweight) or too large (which makes you look sloppy). By finding the right size and freshening up your wardrobe with clothing that fits, you create a much more polished appearance.

Don’t Let Your Age Define You

Your age doesn’t have to define how you look or feel. By being proactive about your physical and mental health, you can take control of your appearance and enjoy life to the fullest.

Try integrating as many of these ideas into your lifestyle and routine as possible. You won’t regret it!

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