5 Reasons Why It’s Better to Choose Laser Eye Surgery Over Opticians

The human eyes are by nature very delicate. They are susceptible to injuries and loss of visual acuity due to illnesses and old age and with contacts with such elements as dust, sharp objects, and very bright lights, among others. They inevitably have to be attended to as soon as possible because of the very crucial roles they play in our daily lives.


In most cases, persons with eye problems are usually confronted with two main options i.e. laser eye surgery or a visit to a qualified optician for the purposes of acquiring a pair of glasses or contact lenses.

The laser eye surgery is by all means the preferred method of eye treatment. This shall be demonstrated by the following discussion which dares to identify, highlight, and explain the top 5 reasons why it’s better to choose laser eye surgery over opticians.

1. Efficacy

Laser eye treatment is by far more effective insofar as rectifying eye problems is concerned. Studies after studies have deduced that up to 95% of the patients who undergo this type of surgery obtain an uncorrected visual acuity of at least 20/40 while a further 85% attain at least 20/20 visual acuity or better. It therefore delivers greatly enhanced vision from just one out-patient procedure. Glasses and contact lenses on the other hand strictly speaking do not restore a faulty eye but rather merely helps such an eye to see better and clearer for a limited amount of time i.e. they do not deal with the root causes of the eye problems but rather just help the eyes cope with the side effects.

2. Durability/Lifespan

This refers to the possible total amount of time that the results of the eye correction procedures hold. The results of a laser eye surgery generally last longer than those of the conventional opticians. It only requires 3 months to enable the corrected eyes to adjust after which they are expected to be permanent. It requires no follow-up procedures and is also able to withstand the effects of old age or illnesses. As has already been stated, glasses, contact lenses, and other optician interventions on the other hand do not deal with the root causes of the eye problems but merely help patients to cope with the side effects. They therefore deliver results that have relatively lower life expectancy.

3. No More Glasses and Contact Lenses

This eye correction technique absolves people from the inconveniences that are normally characteristic of glasses and contact lenses such as the need to constantly put them on; regular sticking of fingers in the eyes; and the loss or misplacements of the contacts/glasses from time to time. For these reasons, patients are granted the necessary peace of mind they need to carry around their chores and duties with as minimal interferences as possible.

4. Convenience

The preference of this eye correction technique exerts negligible to almost no interferences with ordinary work schedules. This is made possible by the fact that it delivers very quick results and faster recovery times as compared to other intervention mechanisms such as those of opticians. The average recovery time is just about 24 hours. Glasses, contact lenses, and other optician treatments may however take longer to restore the eyes to their original conditions or may even require longer recovery times before the patients may be legally allowed to resume their daily chores.

5. Affordability

This form of eye treatment is very expensive in the short run, granted. However, considering the fact that no more follow-up procedures are required after a treatment, coupled with the fact that it is also able to withstand the effects of old age or illnesses, this procedure is way very cheap and affordable in the long run. This contrasts sharply with the case of glasses and contact lenses which require regular replacements every quite often to cope with such issues as loss, damages, obsolescence and misplacements of the glasses or contact lenses.

Final Verdict

The sum total of all the reasons as to why the laser eye treatment is superior to the opticians is by far innumerable so much so that, owing to the limitations of space, not all of them could be identified, highlighted and explained. The aforementioned to 5 reasons why it’s better to choose laser eye surgery over opticians are therefore by no means exhaustive.

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