5 Reasons to Eat Apples

Scientists urge us to eat more apples – this is the best remedy for muscle atrophy! Muscle atrophy involves a number of serious problems, but no medications have been found so far to heal it.

Red Apple

The researchers from the University of Iowa have started to study the activity of genes associated with muscles in order to find a substance that can interfere with the illness. They have identified the necessary component in the apple peel. This substance is ursolic acid. The experiments on mice have shown that it leads to a 15-percent increase of the muscle mass. However, the total weight of the rodents fed with this acid remained the same, while the amount of fat reduced by more than a half, according to the study published in the Cell Metabolism journal. The scientists believe that the role of ursolic acid consists in reprogramming the genes that are responsible for the loss of muscle mass and its replacement with fat.

As for the apples, they can also lower blood sugar levels, the level of harmful fatty acids and cholesterol. In addition, according to the scientists, this fruit helps with diabetes due to its natural properties.

Source of the image: Photl.

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