5 Cigarette Substitutes

Numerous recommendations to replace cigarettes with dried fruits, peanuts or green apples are approximately as good as the recommendation to have a budgerigar, if you cannot have children.


In fact, it is impossible to replace cigarettes. A piece of dried pear or a handful of nuts that forever roll under the couch cannot compete with nicotine. An addiction is an addiction – a nasty, catchy thing which is difficult to get rid of.

Smoking is a personal choice

And while you’re trying hard to get rid of it, you will definitely discern your familiar smoldering cigarette from a crispy wafer roll. You will not mix them, no matter how hard you are trying. But! You can (and even should) look at other things as the sources of positive emotions. Just because a happy person is able to overcome everything.

1. Music

That’s what really saves from the ingratitude of men, who do not love any more, the depressing monochromatic world and longing for cigarettes, as light as a summer dress… A couple of your favorite rock tracks, which make the mosquitoes die when flying.
And by the way, if you happen to have forgotten: you sing great. You sing a lot better than Adele, Bebe, Lana Del Rey, Beyonce and Lauryn Hill. So do not listen to anyone living in the neighborhood: here’s a mirror, here’s a microphone (your hairbrush), here’s your public represented by porcelain elephants… Get started!

2. Tea

A person, who has never tried to quit smoking, does not know anything about tea. When coffee, engaged with nicotine, appears in the prohibited list, tea remains the only tolerant drink for a former smoker.
Over tea, you can talk about the main things, “tea” could be the pretext to go out for five-minute office breaks, tea could permanently help you escape from slow colleagues and the rain that is lyrically drizzling for two weeks. Tea is characterized by a number of tastes. It distracts people from the desire to smoke.

3. Fresh air

Surprise this world: be the first one in the last ten years to quit smoking without having read the book by Alain Carr. Answering the question about how you quitted smoking, do not start lengthy discussions about the monster within us and a simple way of invisible saving. Quit smoking in the old fashioned way – life and health can be drawn from nature.
In fact, the world around us is the only meaningful alternative to nicotine. It is this lovely world that you risk, puffing another cigarette.

4. Books

What would you say to “a book a day” instead of “a pack a day”? If you prefer a stronger effect without filter – “smoke” Dostoevsky, Dickens or Sartre. If you want anything fruity and elusive, read Astrid Lingred.
Just like a smoking cigarette, a book in your hands instantly gives you a very smart look. It will help you start a quick communication with a smart man without problems.

5. Work

It’s amazing, but when you separate with nicotine, you will certainly notice that the time freed from smoking could be used to easily fit another work in. You will suddenly become very curious as to how you managed to spend all day on drafting a simple report or a dozen of business calls, as typical as the design of a toothbrush.

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