11 Small Steps to a Great Life Change

Happiness is a funny thing, and you don’t really have to go big in order to experience overwhelming happiness! There’s no reason to go out on a limb and try and live the time of your life; you can get on the receiving end of some tremendous happiness with small things only, things that are quite within your reach. Wanna try? Here’s what the expert orders, then:


1. Enough sleep

You know that you’re not quite yourself if you haven’t slept long enough, and it works magnificently the other way round too! Tiredness results in more cortisol in your body, and that makes you stressed out. Increase your sleep time by an hour or an hour and a half and see how your body will react.

2. Hug yourself up

Physical contact affects you instantly, hugs are everybody’s good advice just because they do work. Make a habit of hugging somebody at least once a day; better even, begin your day with a short hugging session with your partner and get tuned for an energetic day.

3. Send a thank-you message

Expressions of gratitude add to your sense of fulfillment and bliss, so show appreciation of what good somebody has done for you or remind your friends how much you value their being there for you, and you’re on the line to the positive. Before going to sleep run in your mind some things that happened today and that you can be grateful about.

4. What about your phone?

Useful as it is, your cell phone or iPhone can be instrumental in building up stress during the day. Can’t you really afford to stay away from it for a while? Choose an hour a day when you don’t care about your phone and see if it makes you feel freer, more independent – and rejuvenated, as psychologists say.

5. Compliment yourself!

Aren’t you harsh on yourself? We are given to thrashing out at faults and flaws instantly, but are we as active in the opposite direction? Why not halt and compliment yourself, whether on your appearance, a happy choice of outfit, or something that went by smoothly and profitably? Be considerate about the good things you’ve done and how brilliant you are.

6. Go out dancing

You’re well off if you jog regularly or never miss your gym workouts, but dancing is something special. Get enrolled for dancing or something where you have to flail about freely for a period of time, helping your body to employ its energy and acquire a healthy tiredness, leaving you noticeably calmer than before.

7. Find time to do nothing

Another bliss element is the ability to do nothing – so what about scheduling it up alongside your other affairs? Getting a legally permitted break from your daily activities will take off the edge of the stress and bring up your happiness level enormously. Even if you will have something urgent that can eat up your “nothing time” you will feel less stressed.

8. Perk up with theme music

Once you’ve hit upon a song with a message that is meaningful for you, gets you in the right mindset, play it over and over again as you go to work. That will install the idea into your subconscious mind and thus push you towards realizing the message. Look for songs with important messages and change then every week so that music will be setting you on the right track.

9. Make a point of planning for a friends’ meeting regularly

Acquire a habit of arranging for going out or a night together with your friends once a week or so. This way, you will have something to look forward to during the week, which is sure to give your mood a push-up. Keep discovering nice places to go and you will see how your life will brighten up by these small adventures.

10. Keep checking your bank account

It’s often money that keeps us uptight – or relaxed and secure. A simple expedient of checking your bank account online at intervals of one or two days can make you feel that you have your financial position in firm control and do away with some worries that gnaw at you while you go about your affairs. This may improve your wealth consciousness and make for a brighter mood.

11. Water boost

Coffee? Tonic? No, just plain water, and it will work for you if you take it more frequently. Experts say a regular intake of water provides a smoother flow and a clear head. Pick yourself up with water in small quantities all through your day!

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