5 Best Foods for Hot Days

During hot summer days, our bodies need help to cope with the heat and stuffy air. Properly selected food and beverages will certainly help to stay hydrated.

Woman drinking water

Every person escapes the summer heat in his or her own way, but most of us do it completely wrong and eventually achieve the opposite effect. For example, many people believe they will be relieved after drinking a bottle of cold beer or gin and tonic in the heat. However, it is not so – when your body overheats, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly contraindicated.

So, here are the 5 foods that will help you to easily endure the heat.

1. Watermelon

In addition to being one of the most delicious and healthy summer treats, the watermelon is rich in vitamins A, C, and antioxidants. Besides, it is 90% water. According to nutritionists, watermelon is a wonderful option that helps to cool down and refill the reserve of electrolytes, a significant amount of which is lost by the body with strong sweating in the heat.

2. Lettuce

If you can not drink any more water, try eating a little lettuce. Just like the cucumber, lettuce is 95% water. On hot summer days a person sweats a lot, even sitting at a computer in the office the whole day. If you do not make up for the lack of water, it can lead to dehydration.

3. Mint

Fresh mint will instantly provide you with a feeling of coolness. It can be added to drinks and salads.

4. Hot peppers

Oddly enough, spiced food helps in the heat. Apparently, that is why Eastern cuisine has lots of spicy dishes. Eating something spicy, you stimulate natural perspiration, which helps to maintain a normal thermoregulation level. But do not forget to drink much water.

5. Soft drinks

Consumption of alcoholic beverages in the heat leads to the loss of fluid and further dehydration. Try having your favorite cocktails, such as mojito, non-alcoholic. Besides, it is better to avoid fuzzy drinks as they only increase your thirst. If you are at work, and you can not make yourself a cocktail, take usual cool water with ice, lemon and mint. Instead of ice, you can add frozen fruit pieces or berries.

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