4 Unhealthy Foods Beneficial for Your Health

If harmful products really exist, then somebody needs them. Nutrition experts confirm that unwholesome food can sometimes play right into your hands.


1. Salt

Salt, for example, is not an excess in case of high blood pressure. Hypotensive people typically suffer from the discomfort caused by weakness and meteopathy – sensitivity to changes in atmospheric pressure and many other natural phenomena. To “cheer up” and feel better, many people drink coffee. However, this drink accelerates heartbeats that can only worsen the condition. Experts believe that drinking more plain water together with something salty is a better approach. Salt retains fluid in the body, which in turn leads to an increase in pressure and consequently increases the tone and improves overall health.

2. Sugar & Sweets

Sweet drinks (e.g., packaged juice without pulp where the sugar is dissolved in water) help with hypoglycemia – a sharp decrease in blood sugar. This happens if one does not eat for a long time. The signs of this condition include cold sweat, trembling hands, and weakness in the body. To cope with it and normalize health, one needs to replenish the sugar level as quickly as possible. Sweet juice or just a lump of sugar will cope perfectly well with it. But it is important to remember that while supporting the body with simple carbohydrates, you must also fill the reserves of complex carbohydrates. Then the blood sugar levels will remain stable and without extremes.

3. Coke

Coca-Cola proves to have the properties of a harmful drink with insanely high content of sugar and the substances that are bad for bones and teeth. However, in a situation requiring great physical and psychological stress, it helps to gain more vivacity and makes the body work without getting tired. The main thing to know is not drink it in one gulp. To avoid stress in the period of time pressure, you just need to sip it from time to time. In addition, Coca-Cola, like any stimulant, can be consumed only occasionally.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol, oddly enough, can help keep to a diet. The fact is that it reduces blood insulin level, which indirectly promotes weight loss. So if you sip wine for a long time, you might happen not to eat anything else during the whole evening.

The problem is that not everyone can do it. Alcohol can suppress the appetite as well as raise it. Only those will lose weight, who can resist eating something hearty after a glass of some strong drink or a glass of wine. It should not be a regular practice, however.

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