4 Stroke Signs

Sometimes it might seem to you that a person in public transport or on the street is drunk or under the influence of drugs, but in fact, it may be a stroke. Everyone should know stroke signs.


In case of a stroke, one must act quickly

Neurosurgeons say that if they manage to get to the victim of a stroke within 3 hours, the consequences of an attack can be eliminated. The point is to recognize and diagnose a stroke and begin the treatment within the first 3 hours, which is not easy, of course.

Recognize stroke: There are 4 steps to discern a stroke:

  1. ask the person to smile (he/she will not be able to do it properly);
  2. ask the person to say a simple sentence (e.g. The weather is fine today);
  3. ask the person to lift both arms (he/she will not do it or will lift the arms only partially);
  4. ask him/her to show the tongue (if the tongue is drawn to one side or curved – it is also a sign of a stroke).

When to call the doctor?

If it seems problematic to perform at least one of these actions, call the ambulance and describe the symptoms over the phone. One cardiologist said that by telling these symptoms to at least 10 people, you can be sure that someone’s life – maybe even yours – will be saved.

Be attentive to others and to their loved ones. It is better to ask a stranger if everything is all right and get a puzzled look in response than to do nothing in a situation when you can prevent someone’s death.

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