14 Breast Myths Busted

Today we’d like to bust 14 widespread myths about breast cancer, as well as about the health and size of breast.


1. Those Having Beautiful Bust Don’t Need to Wear Bra

A few anatomical facts: breast is composed of 15-25 parts separated by connective septa and adipose tissue. It is attached to the pectoral muscles with the help of thin ligaments that are stretched under its weight with age. An effective way to prevent this process is choosing the right bra that supports the breast, especially during exercises and pregnancy.

2. Woman Can Make Breast Bigger by Working out

Not exactly. Exercises only strengthen breast muscles, but the size of the mammary gland does not increase. However, the bust visually seems bigger due to the volume of the chest, and the breast itself becomes higher and more rounded due to the strengthened chest muscle.

3. Breast Cancer Is a Hereditary Disease

Not exactly. Every woman can suffer from breast cancer, just as every man. Only 10% of the cases of the disease proved to be genetically linked, and about 85% of the patients having breast cancer did not have any similar cases among their relatives. Therefore, everyone without exception should undergo diagnostic mammography and regular examination of their breast. By the way, breast cancer can be passed both by the mother’s and father’s line.

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4. Antiperspirant Use Leads to Breast Tumor

An absolute lie. Unfortunately, the Internet contributes to the misinformation. Today, the majority of working women read the news online, where you can find the information that shaving armpits promotes penetration of antiperspirant carcinogens into the body through the damages caused by a blade. As a result, a tumor may develop. Neither of these statements is true. There is no evidence that the chemicals used in deodorants cause the disease. The results of the research, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI), have finally confirmed it.

5. Breastfeeding Makes Your Breast Saggy

Indeed, the breast of the woman, who has given birth and nursed a child, changes. But the nature of the physiological processes is that breast skin becomes less elastic and resilient after the age of 30 years. As a result, one can observe insignificant (though sometimes quite considerable) sagging of the breast, or ptosis, as this phenomenon is called by cynical physicians. Thus, breastfeeding of a baby has no significant impact on the natural age-related changes.

6. Small Breast Produces Less Milk

False. Mammalogists claim that it is wrong. The amount of breast milk depends on the size of the mammary gland. A small breast can have a big mammary gland, and vice versa, but there is no dependence on the size here.

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7. Small Bust Is Less Prone to Breast Cancer

Absurd. The probability of disease occurrence is not directly related to breast size because malignant tumors occur directly in breast ducts or breast lobules. However, as testified by practice, overweight women suffer more from the disease. But it has more to do with metabolic disorders rather than with the breast size.

8. Boobs Get Bigger After Sex

Unfortunately, for a short period of time. Having sex improves our blood flow, and the mammary glands swell slightly. But after a night of passion everything returns to its norm, and sex does not affect the size of the bossom. However, the same can be attributed to male sex organs.

9. Creams Make the Bust Bigger

Almost wrong. Widely advertised creams and supplements for breast augmentation can only affect the firmness and elasticity of the skin, preventing it from sagging and premature aging. They contain either plant substances that imitate the effect of female sex hormones – phytoestrogens – or plain hormones. Therefore, on the one hand, they are not safe, and on the other hand, they are ineffective since they affect the natural hormonal balance.

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10. One Can’t Distinguish between Real Bust and Implants

Yes, you can! The differences can be seen even judging by appearance. The more female hormones – estrogens – the body has, the bigger breast and the more feminine forms one has, though the height is smaller. However, if the girl has a slim boyish figure and a breast of considerable size, it is very likely that she has resorted to a surgeon’ help. If you touch a prosthetic breast, you will notice it is usually much harder than the natural one. The implants that are filled with saline are deprived of this deficiency, but they have another disadvantage: they can “gurgle” while one is running.

11. After Getting Implants Your Boobs Are Less Sensitive

This is nonsense. Tactile sensations are lost only for a few weeks after the surgery because of surgical breast injuries. Sensitivity is restored after 15-20 days.

12. Eating Cabbage Makes Breast Grow

It is a foolish thing. If cabbage really increased breast, one would not need all the other tricks. Unfortunately, there is no diet or food that can change the size of the female breast alone. However, malnutrition or excessive love of donuts and muffins can perform the trick: one will gain weight and, consequently, the breast mass and size will increase together with body weight.


13. Breast Cancer Causes Most Deaths in Women

Far from the truth. Women are 8 times more likely to die from the diseases of the cardiovascular system. Breast cancer occupies the sixth line according to the number of death cases, following the number of deaths from pneumonia and influenza. In addition, the number of death cases because of AIDS and various accidents is much bigger than from breast cancer among the women younger than 45 years. However, the fear of the possible losing of one breast and becoming less sexual has made it the most dangerous disease for young women.

14. Men Like Big Boobs

Of course, but not everybody. In 2002, there was conducted a survey in Britain, aimed at finding what breast sizes men thought to be most attractive. The study involved several thousand people. 53% of male respondents said they preferred women with a medium breast size, 14% admired the owners of big boobs, while 5% liked the ladies with a boyish constitution. The remaining 28%, as it turned out, did not consider size to be important. Psychologists say that a passion for big boobs is a hidden feature of a mama’s boy.

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