10 Nutritional Tips to Prevent Cancer

Indian nutritionists have offered 10 rules for the prevention of cancer. According to them, the most important thing is to eat healthy food, which strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of cancer.


Expert’s dieting tips are as follows:

  • Children need to get more whole grains. This does not lead to overweight, which increases the likelihood of developing cancer in the future.
  • The diet should contain a lot of fruit, vegetables, and cereals.
  • Red meat should be reduced to a minimum, especially the products made from it (hot dogs, frankfurters, sausage, etc.).
  • Steamer is man’s best friend, indeed: when the food is cooked in a steamer, it retains a maximum of useful elements.
  • Food should be often flavored with spices that stimulate the digestive process (ginger, garlic, curry, rosemary).
  • There should be as little alcohol in life as possible.

These are culinary tips. The other four recommendations are not directly linked to the food. But we already know them: weight control, exercise, coping with stress and visiting a doctor regularly.

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