10 Diabetes Signs

With diabetes it’s very difficult to diagnose the disease right from the start, because the symptoms are rather vague and can easily be ignored for a long time. Yet, if not timely recognized, diabetes turns highly dangerous, taking over practically the whole body.

Sugar is toxic substance

In order to get wise to it as soon as possible, every woman would be well advised to have her blood sugar level tested regularly, especially if she has turned 40. Besides, here are listed some of the most common signs that can help you suspect the development of diabetes and try to diagnose it in good time.

1. You are beginning to lose weight for no apparent reason

If you have no idea why you have been dropping weight recently it just could be a symptom of diabetes I. When diabetes has set in, the body can no longer use its glucose properly, and it turns to its deposits of fat for energy, thus making you lose weight.

2. You have been urinating more often lately

It is another indication of diabetes if you begin to urinate more frequently than before, a condition called polyuria.

3. You are constantly thirsting.

You have suddenly developed terrible thirst and want to drink all the time – that happens because the body is losing water through polyuria and needs to restore the supply.

4. Your eyesight is getting weaker

If your vision gets bleary time and again, that may be because the blood glucose level has increased, glucose accumulates around the eye lenses, making your eyes un-focus.

5. You are developing discoloration patches over the body

Dark spots begin to appear, usually starting on and around the neck, which is indicative of diabetes: the body responds an intensive insulin loss by generating more and more pigments.

6. You begin to tire easily

Sudden and frequent onsets of tiredness and fatigue may also indicate the development of diabetes.

7. You feel hungry often

Since insulin makes people feel hungry much more often than usual, there is a marked boost of hunger causing people to gobble down more food, which is medically known as polyphagia.

8. Your wounds take longer time to heal

A sure indication of diabetes is when your wounds, cut and scratches do not heal as quickly as they should.

9. You suffer from vagina infections or urinary tract infections too frequently

When glucose has built up to a certain extent, it begins to cause periodical infections, so if you have infections more often than usual, especially in the vagina and urinary tract, it may be another symptom of diabetes.

10. Your limbs feel numb or you get needles and pins

Another indication of diabetes is when diabetic neuropathy modifies the functions of the nerves, which results in uncommon sensations in the limbs, like periodical tingling or benumbing.

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