Boring Stereotypes We‘re All Tired of

Each country, as well as society as a whole, has its own well-established traditions and orders. Some of them were formed many centuries ago, such as bride kidnapping and forced marriages. Other common things came into practice not so long ago. For example, child beauty pageants or the launch of balloons into the sky. Below you can read about our opinion regarding other traditional phenomena, which seem to be a little strange, ridiculous, and even wild nowadays.

We are, and we have selected 20+ fairest opinions, with which we agree to some degree. So, this is what should be forgotten, or at least reconsidered.

Shark fin soup. People cut thousands of shark fins annually and then release them back into the ocean. Yes, this soup is a traditional dish in some parts of Asia.

Banks working hours. Banks are only open, when all the other people are busy doing their own jobs.

Storing fine china sets in a sideboard and an absolute prohibition on their use. Unfortunately, this is the case in many countries.

Bride kidnapping. In some countries, forced marriages (to which women do not consent) are practiced. If a man wants to marry a girl, he kidnaps her, and after that she is obliged to marry him.

Forced marriages with underage girls. This sounds pretty damn wild for 2020. Why the hell is this still being practiced?

Making young children hug or kiss someone because it is “polite” and “so sweet.”

Сhild beauty pageants. It’s high time to ban them.

Raising children with the use of physical punishment.

Launching balloons into the sky at major events.

Funeral, buying a gravesite, embalming the body. It is very expensive. There are many other ways to bury a person without significant damage to the budget.

A large part of the diamond industry, and especially for wedding rings. People have learned to make diamonds in laboratories that are indistinguishable from those, which are formed underground.

Very fragile heirlooms that are not easy to care for without breaking them.

The caste system in India. An ancient tradition according to which each person belongs to a certain social group.

A huge amount of plastic that we use for holidays and birthdays. The use of plastic in general. There are so many plastic plates, cups, straws, bags, utensils around… This is ridiculous. People use these items only once and then throw them away without hesitation.

Bullfighting, corrida, cock and dog fights.

Different types of electrical outlets around the world instead of a universal system.

All kinds of genital mutilation (circumcision and so on).

Lush expensive weddings. Why do people waste tens of thousands of dollars on the event that lasts just one day? Isn’t it better to invest this money in housing or leave as savings? Buying an engagement ring that costs the equivalent of a 3-month salary also seems ridiculous.

If you are a financier, then you have to wear a suit and tie. I know these clothes make us less productive, and we feel uncomfortable because of them. You sweat all the time because your office is never cool enough. In addition, it is your responsibility to ensure that the suit always looks presentable. And that’s damn expensive, especially dry cleaning.

We are not sure if this is happening elsewhere, but in the UK you lose your doctorate, when you become a surgeon. It happens because surgeons have been butchers and hairdressers historically, and not trained medical professionals. After so many years of studying in medical school, and then also training in surgical skills (which is also a very long time), losing the title of a doctor just for historical reasons is a rather silly situation.

Asking someone about their plans to have children. One of the Reddit users writes: I am only 21 years old, and I am already sick being constantly asked: “What will you do, when you have children of your own?” Or when they say: “You will understand everything, when you have a child.” Nobody even suggests that I don’t want children at all. And God forbid, if I mention this in the presence of someone – I will immediately find myself some kind of a monster. If people want children, it is great. I wish good luck to them, I am sure they will be great parents. But I don’t want children, and I don’t understand who cares about this. This is extremely tactless.

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