Withings Monitor and iPhone Measure Blood Pressure

Have to see a doctor every time you want to know your blood pressure? It’s a trifle bothersome, so why not get an iPhone connected doctor that you will be wearing on your arm? Well, not exactly a doctor, but an even better thing – a new gadget from Withings called iPhone Connected Blood Pressure Monitor. It is a sort of a cuff that you swathe around your arm and plug into your iPhone.

Withings iPhone Blood Pressure Monitor

No calculations or adjustments are involved, you just read the measurements on the iPhone screen. Moreover, the readings data is saved automatically – a feature that helps you conduct investigations on your own by following the up and down trends on a chart and learning what situation caused the change of a trend or when is the time to take measures.

Withings iPhone Blood Pressure Monitor

The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor that keeps a constant vigil on your health will soon hit the stores for $129.

Source of the image: Withings.

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