L Cup Bra Created for Really Big Breast

The very first L-cup bra has been created by a company that caters for gorgeous women well endowed with breast curvature. This extra sized item of underwear is expected to fulfill the needs of women who find it hard to find a bra that is a perfect fit and may have long suffered from too much of a pinch.



There is no known estimation of how many women stand in need of an L-cup bra, but the success the company’s prior product, the KK cup bra, enjoyed, showed that a further venture into the realm of grand designs was necessary. Consequently, for the past 18 months the company’s creative forces were busy working out the piece of lingerie that should satisfactorily embrace big-breasted women’s flesh.

Statistics tell us that 80% of the UK women are regularly wearing an ill-fitting bra and that the average woman’s boob size is 34E.

A spokesperson for the manufacturers said that the company is going to “continue to push boundaries and provide solutions and support for women with bigger boobs,” so there can be another piece of welcome news from the same source in another 18 months.

Source of the image: Lovelish.

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