Waterproof Snoopy Pomme Speakers

Although our media players fear water above everything else, some of the best spots to enjoy good music are, unfortunately, labeled as dangerous – like the seaside with splashes and sprays threatening to cut music in midsong, or by the bath while we are happily soaking and would welcome relaxing or energizing sounds. So, water-proof sound systems are always noteworthy kinds of gadgets. Like these speakers from Pomme. They are made to withstand moisture attacks and can follow you to any aquatic venue!

Pomme Snoopy Speaker, water-proof

Pomme gave their water-proof speakers further distinction by placing Snoopy on the containers, so they can also boast a cool appearance. The top is secured with a cap, take it off, do the plugging, make a playlist, adjust the volume, screw the cap back on, and you’ve got all the musical background you want.

Pomme Snoopy Speaker, water-proof

Pomme Snoopy speakers are available for $19.

Source of the image: Thecoolgadgets.

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