Walk in These Shoes to Charge Gadgets

If you are used to having your pockets stuffed with all those new gadgets, charging them may become quite a problem. And what if you forget to do it in good time? And how about carrying along charging stations and assorted batteries? Fuss, fuss, fuss. But where there’s a problem there is an answer. Your feet, for one.

Gadgets Charging Shoes

Anthony Matua of Kenya must have given a lot of thought to how to better charge his gadgets. We shall never know why he didn’t put his trust in the sun, but instead looked down and hit upon the idea to use the energy of walking. He evolved it into a thin crystal chip that goes into the sole of a shoe and generates power as the sole gets bent. Then it either stores the energy or transfers it by the means of an attached cord to your pocket and to the device inside. So, you are all right as long as you keep walking!

The idea sounds really cool since you can insert the chips to any kind of shoe (excepting bathroom slippers, Matua specifies) as well as remove them and place into another pair as much as you need to. Thus all you footwear become incessant sources of energy.

This ingenious idea is reported to have been patented, so odds are most of us will soon be preparing our shoes before we step out. It is believed that for less than a hundred bucks you will be able to fit both shoes with a warranty for two and a half years.