Updated SportBand by Nike for Those on the Run

Nike is still trying to make your running a yet more comfortable and bettered process. With this aim in view they brought out another and improved version of the Nike+ SportBand.

SportBand by Nike

The first thing you notice about the new one is that it lost some of its former bulk and weight. The old armband that carried your iPod as well is replaced by a wristband-cum-watch that you strap on with a flick of your hand – and you’re ready to set off.

The familiar features are all there – you read the amount of calories you disposed of, the distance you negotiated and the pace you set. The latter is supplied by a special transmitter that you tie to the shoestring, unless you go for Nike+ running shoes that have one installed from the birth.

The information is shown on a display that has also been improved to be easier on the eye. A welded seal makes the new SportBand extra waterproof.

The daily workout over, those who wish to upload their running achievements to their computer can do so via the removable USB drive – Link, in Nike’s argot.

To enhance your running enjoyment with a musical soundtrack the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit is fitted with a sensor and an iPod receiver.

While having no size choice – it’s a one-size-fits-all affair – you do have choice in color: black and red, or coal-black and yellow, or pink and gray is how they come. The reported price is $59.

And to cap it with the latest bit of news: Nike has knocked its two famous sites, nikeplus.com and nikerunning.com into one to make a convenient meeting place for running fans online.

Source of the image: popgadget.net.