Ultimate Eyeglasses Adaptable for All Kinds of Vision

It is Adlens that decided that what works for field glasses may as well work for city glasses, uhm, any glasses. Their adaptive-lens eyeglasses can become more or less powerful, obedient to your turn of the dial knob.

Adlens eyeglasses

The trick is as follows. The eyeglasses have hollow lenses with a plastic sheet attached to them from the inside. By adjusting the knob you inject into the space between the lens and the sheet a special clear fluid with high refractive properties. The amount of the fluid pumped in will regulate the curvature of the sheet – the more fluid in, the more curved the sheet and the more powerful the glasses.

Adlens thought to target developing countries whose people may have difficulties getting a good optician for themselves, but actually the vision-improving gadget may come in handy for a lot of people who require two pairs of different glasses for reading and for walking or may be indispensable for individuals with a dropping eyesight. Who knows, even a common glass wearer may find it worthwhile to adjust his glasses to the changing conditions around.

Source of the image: Wanderlustmind.com.

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