Suitcase to Find its Way by Itself

Are you of those who, when on a long journey, grow to hate your cumbersome suitcase more and more with every passing day as it gets heavier and unwieldier to haul around? Here’s a gadget that is sure to make you happy. How would you feel if your overstuffed suitcase followed you obediently by its own volition? Just what you need? The Hop! Suitcase is at your service!

Gadget Suitcase

The walking suitcase obeys commands coming from 3 receivers designed to triangulate the signals sent via the cell phone. The inbuilt microcontroller picks up the signals and determines the location of the phone, which enables The Hop follow the summons maintaining a certain distance. Should the signals get lost, your phone informs you about it immediately, and the temporarily lost suitcase’s locking system engages preventing the possibility of it being opened by a stranger. Also, there are programming options for the suitcase to follow several people or be controlled by the baggage-handling staff.

Unfortunately, the convenient suitcase hasn’t passed the concept stage yet, so we’ll have to wait and get a good hold on our common-type traveling bags.