Sony Walkman MWZ-B160

Good old Sony’s Walkman is back again. Sony, undoubtedly in the grip of a nostalgic feeling, has gotten the Walkman series back on the line launching the MWZ-B160 Series. The gadgets are equipped with Sony’s ZAPPIN features, the Drag and Drop function, and the Boost button to get an accentuated bass sound.

Walkman MWZ-B160 player by Sony

They flourish the “USB Stick” design and the color options are definitely cool. Sony had style very much in mind when choosing colors, and there is a lot to be said for the two-tone finish done in a bold juxtaposition of hues. The color matching power illuminator that pulses to the music adds a welcome merry note.

We are offered a choice of 4GB MWZ-B163 and MWZ-B163F players and 2GB MWZ-B162 and MWZ-B162F. All of them are small-sized to fit anywhere and won’t be in the way when you work out. Besides, Sony did a good job on batteries that promise 18 hours play when completely charged and an hour and half after a 3-minute charge. Sounds fine!

Source of the image: Ittrend.

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