Smart Heated Insoles Mimeng

The “smart” Mimeng insole solves the problem of freezing legs. Warm shoes usually cost a lot. Besides, wearing them is not always convenient. So why not upgrade your old boots with heated insoles?

Mimeng resembles ordinary insoles. Inside, they are equipped with heating elements, a Bluetooth module, and a battery. The insoles have a simple functioning. You simply need to put them into your shoes and set the optimum level of heating using a smartphone app. You can go out now! The device can be heated up to 50° C. It is equipped with a smart mode that adjusts the temperature depending on external conditions. The built-in battery lasts an average of 6 hours. The gadget works for 3.5 hours at maximum capacity.

You need to charge the insoles using a special wireless platform, which can be installed at the entrance to the apartment. To adjust the size of the insole, you simply cut off its excess.


The Mimeng kit plus wireless charging costs $166. If you pre-order the gadget, it will be delivered in January of the following year.

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