Smart Bikini Connecté Protects from UV Rays

Going to the beach, be sure to grab a smart bikini by French company Spinali Design. The highlight of the product is a special companion application installed in your tablet or smartphone that is able to remind the owner of putting some sunscreen on the body or moving into the shade. The intensity of the UV radiation, the temperature and humidity are measured by a removable waterproof sensor, which is attached to the bikini connecté (literally – “connected bikini”). By the way, the application allows you to specify your skin type and the desired degree of tanning. This is an interesting and useful device.

Currently, there is only one available option of the smart bikini at the price of 149 euros. The Spinali Design Company is developing smart swimming trunks for men and children. Children’s options are planned to be equipped with GPS-sensors to facilitate the parents’ search of the child on the beach.

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