The Smallest Washing Machine Scrubba

A few years ago, Scrubba startup released its first mini-washing machine with the same name, and now the same team has presented a new novelty. The weight of the new Scrubba Mini is half the size of its predecessor and is only 70 grams. The gadget has become more reliable and stronger. When folded, it easily fits in the palm of a person.

Its construction is a nylon folding tank coated with polyester. A flexible washboard with protrusions was built inside. Water and the cleaning agent are poured into it, and dirty things are put inside. Next, the washing machine is closed and exposed to external mechanical impact: compressing, tossing, shaking, and so on.

The more active the user is, the faster and better the things are washed. For most items, 3 minutes of such exercises are enough. Then you just need to drain the water and hang the washed clothes to dry. According to the developers, their device copes with the destruction of dirt and odors more quickly and better than the method of traditional hand washing.