Romantic Mooncandles with Remote Control


Unfortunately, no one has yet thought of inventing one master remote contro for all household appliances and gadgets, and we have to put up with a swarm of remote controls crawling about our parlors or convening on tables. And if you make up your mind to buy a Mooncandle, you will have to add another remote control to your formidable collection.


The Mooncandle, as you have already guessed, is not a proper candle dripping wax and issuing a tongue of flame, but a LED gadget that is clean and safe. It is remote-controlled, so you can place the candle where you fancy it, no matter how far off. Besides switching your candle on and off, the remote control allows you to set a switch-off automatic timer for 4 or 8 hours. It also changes the color of the candle.

After you have paid $50 per candle and supplied each one with 3 x AAA batteries, you can enjoy more than 50,000 hours of moon-candle-light in your home.

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