Robot Girlfriend Invented

The Japanese have been thinking along the lines of human-like robots and half-human androids for years and years, but who actually expected them to come up with one outside their films and mangas? Nevertheless, that’s what they have done and turned out a female robot.

Robot girlfriend

While long accustomed to Japan’s technical ingenuity, the world will certainly gape at this one – so much lifelike the woman – sorry, the female robot – looks. It has been given out that it, or maybe she, is capable of the simplest facial functions like moving its head and lips, blinking, and even responding to questions. There is no further information, but it’s reasonably doubtful that Japanese boffins will stop at that. Probably they will make her a thoroughly marvelous creature that will mark a new epoch of human relationship? Were all these fantastic books actually more realistic than we could have guessed at the time? It seems that we will know the answer to this question very soon.

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