Let Your Ring Heat You Up for the Event

You are too busy and life is too fast for you to remember important events like birthdays and anniversaries on time? There is a gadget that will always be with you and heat you into remembrance without fail.

Remember Rings

This is a ring, and it will heat up in the most literal sense! You are to fix the date that you don’t want to forget; 24 hours before the event the ring will heat up as a reminder for 10 seconds to 120o F. And you won’t miss the call, for it will exude heat on the hour every 24 hours before the time specified.

The ring is set to give out enough warmth to make itself felt, but not enough to leave burns. Its built-in battery will be recharged automatically by your body heat.

It is available for $760 in sizes from 10 to 13. It’s made from white and yellow gold with seven different designs.

Source of the images: alaskajewelry.com, hackedgadgets.com.

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